Are we really going to die in 2012?

by Guest9119  |  11 years ago

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My young sister was asking if according to 2012 movie the world will end and we are going to die. Please help me.

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  1. Guest5588


    Well these are all mythical stories which have been in the novels and there have been some movies filmed on the end of world 2012.


    But in reality there is no such thing going to happen. Now we are just left with 9 months to wait and see on the faces of the people who agree with this tha world is about to end in 2012.

    The One who created this world has kept things like these a secret, hints althoug are given to all religions but the exact era is not defined any where so no one is even given a chance to know about the final day of earth.


  2. Guest770

    No doubt the movie 2012 is based on many scientific facts, but since it is a movie and the big screen needs some add ons to spice things up or in other words to do a good business on cinemas and theaters. This is exactly what was done in 2012.

    On the other hand, yes there are things happening like mentioned in the movie, i.e. the earth quakes, tornadoes, tsunamis and other natural disasters leading towards polar shift. But this is not exactly happening as it was in the movie, instead this is a constant procedure and will take time, may be hundreds of years or so.

    The crux is that it won’t happen like 2012 move, so we will not die that way in the year 2012, but since no one can predicts the death, we can die any time! 


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