Are you addicted to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

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Are you addicted to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. i want to find out others who have caught the COD modern warfare 2 bug. i have been playing nonestop and can't seem to stop. yesterday i played for 19 hours and that is becasue i had to attend church for my friends wedding if not i would have been playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for a longer period. Am I The Only One?

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  1. Guest9896
    get a life ?
    talk to girls?
    go for a walk?
    lift a weight?
    you have alot of self improvment to do buddy.
    get to work:)

  2. Guest4740
    You are definitely not the only one, I have an 80 average in school and play AAA hockey but the second i get some spare time i play modern warfare 2, and sometimes i cannot sleep because its in my head. I even dream about it.
  3. Guest1191
    I think i am needing some kind of help. I have 3 kids and i don't pay them that much attention. I just love the game too much. I think life would be boring without it. I think the best thing for me to do is sell my ps3.
  4. Guest5531
    i play COD MW2 every chance i get , im taking a lil 20 min break because my fingers are hurting. Just popped a pain killer and ill be good to go in a few min. im not addicted , i can stop when i want. my current personal record is 18 hours non stop playing... the weekend is coming up and im going to try for 28 hours nonstop......keep playing my friend so i can have at least a little competition
  5. Guest6577
    i love it and i cant stop its beggining to ruin my  imagination and social life what do i do
  6. Guest5240
    I too am addicted however...

    I have a girlfriend of two years who loves me very much as i do her.
    We go out, socialise with friends go to dinner, drinks etc.
    Theses things cost ££, so what best to do when there's nothing on TV and you've read the internet? PLAY COD 4 MW2 of course (it's cheaper lol).

    I'm also studying a computing course and work for £47 million company which i enjoy (i have a life hehe).

    The key to happy gaming is a happy partner. You need balance, kinda like earning Gamepoints on Xbox. You score points with your partner, build up enough to trade them in for something that you'd enjoy. Seems a fair deal to me. She like's it i like it.

    An example if there's something on TV that she like's watching, watch it with her = more points. Get her flowers, take her to dinner remind her that you are still love her. It all adds up. So by doing all this when you are playing COD or whateva she'll be happy cos your happy. You'd be happy because she's happy etc.

    I hope this helps...Remember balance. :)
  7. Guest7579
    Guest14230736 your the only one doing it right kudos to you and Guest13788909 you just have major issues if you like live wouldn't be fun without a game and it comes before your kids, please sell your PS3 and take them to a park or something
  8. Guest8213
    im addicted to mw2 its like heroin you cant stop once you start.I f*****g rape on that game all day its so much fun i dont give a f**k about anything else thers nothing that id rather do except for getting baked then playing mw2 that just makes the games even better.That game is the best f*****g video game ever and if you play it you will get hookd on it and the only way to stop is to get rid of the game and forget abut it.
  9. Guest3524
    Ummm no. I just got nothing better to play atm. MW2 sucks a*s, is a fail. Stay tune for my "burn the retail copy ritual" video :D
    I love my girlfriend! She's a d********x :D
  10. Guest339
    I am too addicted to the game. My girlfriend as well. We are on our second prestige. We play this game non-stop. You cant stop! Your intermission is usually 50 seconds. Now my girlfriend who purchased the game as a early 31st birthday gift on the day of November 10 2009. Is the day I know my addiction started. Now fourteen dollars worth of batteries later we fight over who is going to play. And concentrate on what class we are going to use. She hated the game at first. But her brother who also ownes game and I play together on team deathmatch. She watched us play for only sixteen minutes she had to play. At that time we were only level seven. xbox 360
  11. Guest3839
    Guest14230736 - It's me again.

    I've now reached the point that the game is good however i can't be assed to play it as im too good to care. :)
  12. Guest1719
    Yes I'm heavily addicted. But in my case I was addicted to heroin, booze, and other drugs a few years back. I quit drinking and drugging. But I replaced it with a heavy video game addiction. I play from the time I get up to the time I fall a sleep with my d**n controller in my hand. All I did was replace one addiction with another. All I play is CoD 4, World at War, and Modern Warfare 2. My girlfriend of 6 years is beyond fed up with my addiction. If I'm not playing the game, I'm reading gamer mags, or hanging out in gaming forums. Just a simple reply of selling my console isn't the answer. I need serious help. But I don't know where to go for it.
  13. Guest6730
    WOW! Kids are are crying wife is complaining and the dog need water..but I cant seem to care enough because I cant stop playing that darn game..If u love your wife and your life stay away from this game. CODM2 is the best on line game in the world..........
  14. Guest3028
    Here are the 10 reasons why Modern Warfare 2 is RUINING YOUR LIFE.
    1: The game is designed to take many days of continuous game-play due to prestige ranking system and thus manipulates ALL your spare time.
    2: Spare time is good for making friends, helping friends, making new friends, helping girlfriends, getting married, making babies, praying, cooking, reading thus educating oneself, shopping sensibly, caring for oneself, speaking with family, walking in nature, sleeping well, traing, exercising, learning to play the guitar, and so on and so on…
    3: Less spare time = RUSHING those personal chores that need more time, thus decreasing healthy mind, body and spirit.
    4: The game is actually not REAL. Its played on a computer server. It is abstract, not concrete. You can NOT visit FAVELA and buy a local a coffee, and look around to pick up an empty gun-shell. It is in the imagination. It is made up of  SOMEONE Else’s  IMAGINATION> It isn’t even YOUR IMAGINATION.
    5: You need electricity to play this game.
    6: The game experience is entirely SELFISH and self serving. You cannot share the subjectiveness of gaming unless the person who you are trying to express the game to IS a gamer. Some people record game-play footage as seen on youtube but this does not explain the sensation of actually playing the game.
    7: Your country needs you to spend more time watching the bullshitting politicians.
    8: Intelligent active people are laughing at you for wasting your f*****g life playing ‘videogames’.
    9: There is a gorgeous girl out there in the world, waiting around for you to get the f**k up off your a*s, and to FIGHT for her, to WIN her, to TAKE her to her highest place, and make love. She wants to spend her life with you, man. Take her!
    10: My favourite. The game does NOT fill the GOD shaped hole in your soul. You know what I am talking about. Its not a real hole. It is that yearning pulling feeling that you have to do something, you have to accomplish something, you have got to get to SOMEWHERE, because you know you can be the BEST or be part of the BEST f*****g thing in existence… and so you WILL feel whole and satisfied and excited for yourself and everyone else on earth. Celebrate God and creation. The line between this and destruction is so f*****g fine.
  15. Guest7862
    Fore some reason i have been trying to stop but it is harder than it sounds. on a daily basis i play up to 14 hours with breaks of course.
  16. Guest2718
    this games crazy and yes am addicted to it but not that bad i play it fo 4 hours a day sometimes i just wanna kill people wit my scar though
  17. Guest4230
    YES! I played until 4am and had to go to work for 7am!!!! I got it when it first came out then left for about 3 months. I entered it again last week and have been playing it religiously! I hear a new map pack is due for release in the next couple of weeks so the madness will continue I guess LOL
  18. Guest1629
    yes i am very addicted to call of duty modern warfare 2 everyday all day i play it i have 21 days played on it. What else would i be doing if i wasnt playing it. I have LOST many hours of sleep and believe that i will never be able to get back. Many of my relationships have failed too. I have even called off of work to play call of duty.
  19. Guest9806
    WOW...That list of ten other things i could be doing is great. (it really is) I will start that list as soon as i get a 35 kill streak. I THINK THERE IS COCAINE IN THIS GAME! I have a 5 month old son who likes to wake up at random times of the night and i work 60+ hours a week...who needs sleep i would rather play.
  20. Guest4463
    NO. Im a  codaholic. i cant stop playing and i left my beach house just to play it!!!!
  21. Guest2081
    I don't have this game, but I told my aunt to buy it for me because I want to play it online. And if I will play it, I will play 50 minutes, 10 min break... go outside... come again and play 50 mins... 10 mins break... do some extra-English... go outside... play 50 mins... I WILL PLAY WITH MEASURE!!! I WON'T BE ADDICTED! I WON'T LET MYSELF ADDICTED OF THIS GAME OF THE YEAR!!
  22. Guest1670
    yeah, im definitely addicted. i cant play during the school week otherwise im sure id be failing my classes. haha, since i cant play cod, i watch youtube videos of people playing cod, and hold my ps3 controller. it makes me feel better. wow, im going through withdrawls over a d**n video game. Infinity Ward is going to cause an apocalypse! wow, i probably didnt even spell that right. lol! i wanna play cod!!!!!!!
  23. Guest1832
    im not addicted to modern warfare 2 and i can play between 4 and 6 hours a day at times. some days more and some less, i can live with out playing, but still when i dont have much to do i play. in this game you lose track of time with the matches lasting 10 mins.. i can play as much as i do, and have a working relationship, attend school, and mow 3-5 yards a week.
  24. Guest6783
    i play alot... probably avg. 3-4 hours a day... but if you really feel that you need to stop, find a person who will bring you into a 10th prestige lobby and get all the challenges and whatnot. that way there will be nothing left to do and it will seem pointless
  25. Guest9750
    I used to play a lot, but I would be standing for prayer (I'm a Muslim)and I'd be thinking about MW2 instead of realising that I'm standing before my creator. I made a difficult promise and said I swear to Allah that I won't play this game again unless I'm at a social gathering and they're playing or something like that.

    Now I just look at my brother and think how sad he must be to scream at a screen and to just sit their and live the same day over and over again.

    If you believe there's a purpose to life, don't play this game.
  26. Guest8138
    i have a gf of 5 years, a 3mth old kid, my xbox live runs out soon i wont renew it iv wasted 3 years of my life (since cod 3!) and its taken me this long to realise that my life was better before xbox, real ppl are interesting rather than all the wanna bs online, cant beleive i used to lie to my m8s and make arguments wiv my gf just to play its pathetic
  27. Guest247
    Yes I agree...not sure if you play live. Its not the game you are addicted to, its the competition levels thats addicting. I play the PC version and when I am on... I am on! lol  Same maps, but different players. Catch my drift brotha?  Just makesure its not putting a whole in work, school, or a lady or guy friend you seeing. Oh and for you PC guys... holla at me Gamertag is California. 8th Prestige 100% legit here lol lol
  28. Guest7442
    i love COD but you need to get a life guys... its ok to play sometimes but wouldn't you like to be with friends and go out and stuff, you guys need a life... 19 hours is to long, how are you ment to live a good life with friends if you are stuck at home doing somthing pointless
  29. Guest9141
    My husband is addicted. He can't stop playing even though he says he hates COD2. He gets so angry and breaks controllers. He then starts to get mad at me when I try to tell him to calm down. He doesn't want to do anything but play this game.
  30. Guest7038
    Get a grip guys it's just a game i stopped playing it for 2 weeks so far and i know im burning inside to play it even more but this game isnt going to help me in the future, think about it you're ruining your life and wasting your money. GET A LIFE ! i bet you in the future you guys will regret playing this game people who arenot addicted to this game will tur out much better then everyone who plays this game and you WILL succeed in life you wont get anywhere if you play this game 24/7
  31. Guest2962
    yes,, im addicted. ever since i got it i play just about non stop, my grades slipped and i dont really talk to my friends unless its on xbox. i know some ppl think im crazy but, i really just always wanna play, it sucks
  32. Guest5731
    YOU all make me SICK! You ALL play WAY to much !
    If you genrally have nothing better to do, fair enough, but you spend 2 hours a day on cod, do you spend 2 hours a day doing anything else?
    Does cod take up more time of your day then anything else?
    If yes, you need to GET A LIFE, go out, meet people, be with your friends, getting hammered, anything is better then sitting in a room, staring at a screen and getting upset when you loose to come guy who DOESN'T HAVE A LIFE !
    You be the better person ! You can get upset as much as you like, i used to be hooked on cod, until my gf game me the ultitmatum her or cod, ofcourse i wat thinking, well cod plays with me more then she does, but really i picked her.  Now im married with 4 kids, im happy as h**l and its all because i dont sit on the d**n Xbox allday!
    Cudo's to the muslim guy btw for quitting!
    If you all say you cant quit, get rid of it, i gave mine away and got really angry when my friend wouldnt give me it back, and when i did get it back i brke it in half and binned it.
    An hour a day, not so bad, 2 your gettingworse, UNLESS you go out for like 6 hours a day and DONT TALK ABOUT COD.
  33. Guest3189
    s**t guys, i think about this game when im in class, when im at work. When i close my eyes to go to sleep, all i see is this game. It speaks to me in a voice of reason, and sustinance, but i know the truth.... its rotten, and will suck me down into the deepest depths of sorrow, and h**l.
  34. Guest1508
    Im soo addicted, if they make Call of Duty drugs, i would literally be strapping that belt around my arm, gettin my needle prepared. HELP ME !!!
  35. Guest742
    hey everyone my husbend was realy into this game . he will work from 4pm to 2am or sometimes 4am overtime . so vasically we will use the rest of the time for each other . 3 hurs before he lives form work and 3 hurs after he came from work . well he got the game and that time he had for me was gone he used it to play  COD . ALL THE TIME . i will cook for him and then he will just come from work eat ,and stray to COD . We had many fights a told him to admit that he was addicted , the thig was that he had the responsavility to work that if he didnt had that then he will play all day . he sead he was not addicted .at the end he promese to play one day or 2 days a week . and the rest to bee with me and he he sead ok . but he never did. so one day he got sooo tierd of lisening to me that he broke the CD in half and he putted in the garbig . well i told him that by doing that he is not taking his addiction out that he will got again buy it and continue playing it . well to tell you he is one of the youths leader helpers . we just got out of an awesome internship we created for the yonger yeneration of youth in our church. and one of the students is my husbends good friend . he sead that in the intenship as a student he was touch by god to change his life compleatly and he wass so happy he got the help of us leaders to gide him well one os the things my husbend and him have in comun is call of duty . so my husbend manege to have one of his other frinds game he took it home and now is hooked in this game again like i told him . but his friend the one that was in the internship just got out and he came home . well my husbend  he is a great influense for this kid and insted of been a good example he offerde him to play COD with him again . this is an addiction . that is affecting my mearrieg cuz he dont want to admit he is addicted to this thing .
  36. Guest5713
    lol ur all loosers i play 2hours a day max!
  37. Guest2787
    I am really addicted....> vids on YT
  38. Guest1197
    I was, at a time, addicted to it as well. I remember once I started getting the controls down I played for 24 hours straight! I don't play video games as a rule. I am a single parent and have a managerie of pets. I couldn't stop myself though. It was terrible yet awesome at the same time! What a contradiction huh? lol The only way I was able to break the addiction was all by fluke, the PS3 went down, maybe from the constant hours of it being on with no break, and we didn't have it for about a month. By the time we got it back from the warranty place that fixed it I had pretty much lost interest in the constant endless hours of deafining gunshots and explosions and bright flash grenades i randomly and accidentally would blind myself and teamates with at My bad ya'll!!!! And of course 2 weeks after we get the PS3 back again it broke again (that time it was not from me)! I mean seriously, we have two more times then we get a new PS3 or a refund. We will see how it goes.
  39. Guest7813
    I have played pretty much all the Call of Dutys.

    I work full time and am in a serious relationship, and still manage to play about 4 hours a night, simply because I live 45 minutes away from my mates and my girlfriend and so therefore have nothing else to do during the boring week nights! I also have made alot of good friends online, so I play with them to have fun and mess around!

    I am very good at COD, but I don't crave it. I would rather go out at weekends with my girl, or go out with the lads, and get steaming, than sit indoors.
  40. Guest9606
    f**k all of you i love call of duty and i am gettin black ops when it comes out in november on the first day i will be there at 12:00 a.m. faithfully
  41. Guest239
    lmfao i play eight hours MAX but these 24 hr f**s are recouckulous
  42. Guest4561
    hahahahaha i love all these f*****g adults with no lives hilarious..! like really? ima  16 yr old guy and this s**t gets boring. grow up already people :) god d**n
  43. Guest6768
    wow even 8 hrs is a alot i play 2 hours mayb less on weekdays causa collage (New Zealand) high school (america) and MAYBE 4-5 weekends
  44. Guest6579
    It started with Pokemon from when I was ages 5-13, then from 13 to 15 I racked up 100 days of game time on runescape getting all my stats to 50+ and combat level to 113, of which I was off and on all the time. In 2008 I was a casual COD4 player. On the 11th of November 2009, i bought COD MW2 and I have racked up 28 days of game time on the PC, I'm f*****g good at the game, I play whenever I get the time and have nuked 20 times. In the early months of 2010 I was working out and had a gf and all that. I did hack to 10th prestige lvl 70 after a few prestiges, but then I got bored. So guess what? I reset my account and now I'm 5th Prestige lvl 70. I haven't been able to stop. It has become a daily routine as soon as I come home from school (I am 16). I play about 60 hours approx. over a 2 weeks time period.

    I really want to get off now before I do anymore serious damage to myself or others; and I want to be a physicist/astronomer/accountant when I'm older. I currently go to a Maths and Science School. I'm actually starting to get behind in school work.

    Just yesterday I had started by admitting my addiction to my friends and family and I'm starting at the moment by becoming more independent; this will be my second day, and in 2 weeks time, I want my steam account to say that I have played 0 hours in the last 2 weeks.

  45. Guest9494
    It started with Pokemon from when I was ages 5-13, then from 13 to 15 I racked up 100 days of game time on runescape getting all my stats to 50+ and combat level to 113, of which I was off and on all the time. In 2008 I was a casual COD4 player. On the 11th of November 2009, i bought COD MW2 and I have racked up 28 days of game time on the PC, I'm f*****g good at the game, I play whenever I get the time and have nuked 20 times. In the early months of 2010 I was working out and had a gf and all that. I did hack to 10th prestige lvl 70 after a few prestiges, but then I got bored. So guess what? I reset my account and now I'm 5th Prestige lvl 70. I haven't been able to stop. It has become a daily routine as soon as I come home from school (I am 16). I play about 60 hours approx. over a 2 weeks time period.

    I really want to get off now before I do anymore serious damage to myself or others; and I want to be a physicist/astronomer/accountant when I'm older. I currently go to a Maths and Science School. I'm actually starting to get behind in school work.

    Just yesterday I had started by admitting my addiction to my friends and family and I'm starting at the moment by becoming more independent; this will be my second day, and in 2 weeks time, I want my steam account to say that I have played 0 hours in the last 2 weeks.

  46. Guest9429
    i am 12 im in year 7 im quite bright at school and i used to be quite sporty. in year 6 i got cod 5, and played it alot i am good at the levels of fitness and desire to play sport dropped considerably when i got call of duty 6 for christmas 2009 and started playing it.  now very good at that aswell. i think i am addicted because whenever i come off it i feel depressed and low but when im on it i feel really happy and excited. my parents limit me to an hour a day.I  sometimes sneak on and then they ban me for a week. i would then have an argument with them, sometimes i would go the week without being on it. but it doesnt break the addiction, and i go straight back on it when im allowed. any help, please. EXTRA INFO i would like to be in the RAF when im older but i doubt i will ever get fit enough or be able to leave my ps3 behind for 6 months. PLEASE HELP
  47. Guest6153
    I'm 60 and I've been addicted to COD MW2 since the day it was given to me by a friend.  Sometimes I don't even sleep and eat, I just play all day and night long.  I've lost my job because of it and am now leaving on welfare.  

    Please help.
  48. Guest1110
    I am my parents cant get me to stop it is just to fut. i can stop when ever i want (whenever i want!!!) not my parents im in the 8th grade and im 14
  49. Guest2943
    if u say this game is stupid you jus suk. if ur addicted tht jus simply means your a beast! you all are noobs 21 days, 2nd prestige, legit 8th prestige.... thts weak!!!! i am a legit 10th prestige level 70 with 37 day 15 hours and 8 mins online.. i also have the gold javelin title legit. so ima a beast and im never gonna quite playin cause i love powning NOOOBBBS!!!! and 83 nukes
  50. Guest5797
    I played a lot these past couple of girlfriend was unhappy...apparently after more than 2 years in a relationship i guess she couldn't tell me how she felt...the next thing i new she left me...but i have stopped playing cod now...i realized what a bum i turned least i had a wake up call
  51. Guest2021

    you Guys need to get a F***n LIFE.


  52. Guest3680

    yer got the same here its a waist of time but soo fun

  53. Guest8821

    I feel like I'm dying because I'm not on my xbox playing Call of Duty: Black Ops f**k you I'm going to kill myself!

  54. Guest8544

    I Absolutaly love call of duty TBH !  especially modern warfare 2 butt i thinkk its ruining my life "/ because every day of my I play on it. I have 73 days playing time :L:L . But Im So Good at it. Everydayy at school i carntt learn cus its stuck in my head . I even Bought a 200 pound headset and a 300 pound gaming chair which is nearly broke cus i sit on it so much. On a Saturday I usually playy in for 15 hours straightt maybe more :L:L when im sat there i stink of guff and t**d cus i dnt move ANYONEE HAVE THEE SAME PROBLEM !!!??????

  55. Guest7506 stop... 

  56. Guest1577

     Agreed with Guest13176831. If your really that addicted to it, just sell the system or even break the game. Its not like whining about is going to do anything. And its stupid that you seek help on the internet. That just PROVES how much you rely on the internet and gadgets to survive. Ever heard of this thing.. Its called.. outside!!! Go get a life and some friends morons

  57. Guest9576

    Ppl that don't play or understand this game would alwayz say "GET A LIFE!" "FIND A GIRLFRIEND!!" - I tell those ignorant phucks that I have a pretty well-rounded life and a very attractive girlfriend...I play MW2 when I don't have s**t else to do.  Playing for an hour or two is equivalent to watching TV or a movie.  Now, if you are playing for more than 3hrs at a time then YES, you need to put down the control and do something else.  I'm a h**l of a phucking player - I do play a lot, but not excessive.  I take care of my priorities then I terrorize the h**l out of my opponents online.  Check me out on PS3 (The Dark Side):  COD_TerrorisT26      <-- Never disappoints 

  58. Guest8205


  59. Guest8754

     Try being the gf of someone who addicted to COD mw2 .... real pain in my a**e!  Its weird for me to understand that a game that is repeated over and over again with no story what so ever (online playing) and full of greedy cheating idiots that can't play for real so have to hack the system.... grrrrrrrrrr anyway I hate the game now because my man spends more time on it then he dose on me... how the h**l doz a girl get some around here!  COD - causes - SF! 

  60. Guest144

     wow... i did not know its addictive i'am gonna delete it right away, since i kept thinking about it whole day. 

  61. Guest8452

    I just broke up with my partner of 6 years because of his gaming (COD). I put up with it for 3.5 years. He doesn't see a problem with it playing all day and night, pretending to be sickm, on weekends and holidays. In fact he says that I am just being difficult and trying to dominate him by getting him off the computer. I am independant and don't need him to do things with, but I don't need to come home to a madman yelling and screaming till 4am breaking things whilst I try and sleep so that I can work the next day. He lies to me about the time he spends on the machine, the new games he buys, and new parts for the machine. He won't eat, shave or takes late showers.  I am just thankful that I don't have kids with him.

    Today he said that he had a real life online with his E-Friends. They were great mates! Its the new age and way of making friends he said. Like they will come by for a BBQ and help you move house! He is on a completely different planet. He has no friends outside of the game that he can go to the movies or have a coffee with. He lost his job 5 months ago (we are both lawyers) and expected me to cover the mortgage. His words to me were that he expected his partner to help him get back on his feet by paying but he never looks for a job!! I refused and so his parents cover his half and I cover mine. He has cunningly made me out to be shallow that I am just about money and control. I hardly think that my requests have been unreasonable - shave, sleep, eat, bath, get a job, socialise with some friends in real life, get some sunlight and so some sport! 

    He can't see that his lack of motivation, self control, maturity and refusal to take resposibility has made him one very unattractive person. How is anyone to build a life with someone like that?! He is 39 years old.  

    I have not been back at the house for 3 weeks now and I refuse to. He still defends the game as though I have to accept it if we are to be togather. Point is, I have moved on. I am not sticking around and want to be compared to a game and what joy it brings him. If that is his mindset, lets see how supportive his game is going to be for the remainder when I am no longer there. It is destroying his life and I refuse to let it destroy mine as well.

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