Arts colleges in Islamabad.

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My brother wants to know about the arts colleges in Islamabad. Which are some arts colleges in Islamabad?

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  1. Guest9769
    These are the arts colleges in Islamabad:
    1. Islamabad College of Arts and Sciences (ICAS) G/11-3 Islamabad.                  
    2. Foundation University.
    3. National College of Arts (NCA) Rawalpindi.

  2. Guest9524

    One of the best arts colleges in Islamabad is the Islamabad College of Arts & Sciences. There are two campuses of ICAS one is located at Street No. 98, Sector G-11/3, Islamabad and another one at 32, Bazar Road, Sector G-6/4, Islamabad. In ICAS G-11/3 campus classes are commenced for students of nursery to A-level and in the other campus classes are commenced for students of nursery to grade 5. The mission of ICAS is to provide each student a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning.

    To mission of the ICAS is to assist students in making skills to become independent and self-sufficient adults, who will succeed and become responsible contributors with integrity and compassion in a global community. Admission in ICAS is based on following policies:

    1. On the basis of merit.

    2. To brothers and sisters of pupils currently attending the school.

    3. To children who have spent a significant time (2 years or more) at ICAS.

    4. To children who have a parent, who is, or will be at the time of admission, employed by ICAS on a contract of at least 1 year in duration.

    Admission requirement at ICAS:

    1. Photocopy of birth certificate

    2. Previous school leaving certificate

    3. 3 Passport size Photographs

    4. Result from last school attended

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