As of right now, who would you build your NBA franchise around?

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As of right now, who would you build your NBA franchise around?

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  1. Jasdev Grewal

     I can understand why people may want LBJ as their franchise player but I would have to go with Kyle Irving. Firstly, he's only 21 years old and is already an elite point guard. This gives him about 12 or so years of playing at an elite level as long as he can stay healthy. Also, the point guard position is the most important position, at least when it comes to offense. He can also play defense, which is key as he can go toe to toe with other elite point guards in the game in both ends of the court. 

  2. Kuljit Grewal

    The answer to this question comes down to age as well as skill. Basketball is the type of sport where given that there are five people per team all game, one person can transcend and impact the game so much on both ends of the court that they dominate. One such player, and the one who is my current choice would be LeBron James. 

    There is nor has there ever been anyone else like The King and his ability to create his own shot, pass like he has psychic powers as well as play almost every position is invaluable in today's league. Factoring in his superhuman athleticism and his elite defense on people ranging from 6 feet to 6'10", he is without a doubt the man I would pick.

    The only knock would be his age at 28, which means he only has perhaps 5-6 elite years left.

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