Assange Unauthorized Autobiography

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Assange Unauthorized Autobiography

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    The autobiography of the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, will be released in the UK today, without your authorization, announced yesterday the publisher Canongate Books.

    The Australian graduate of the University of Melbourne continues conditionally pending a decision on the request for extradition from Sweden released. Julian tried to cancel the contract in June that it had signed in December with the small Scottish publisher after reading the first version, Canongate Books said.

    But the publisher went on to launch the first draft, entitled Julian Assange: The Unauthorised Biography. " On June 7, 2011, with 38 publishing houses around the world committed to publishing the book, Julian told us he wanted to cancel the contract," said Canongate Books in its statement. However, they decided to go ahead with previously signed.

    Assange yet has not reacted to the announced, but last January said that if the book presented, half and half manifest as memories, was published, it would be a very personal work, which narrate their fighting to establish a new relationship between people and governments.

    What would you be interested in reading the biography of Julian Assange?

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