Assassin's creed 2 glyph help

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I'm on one of the glyphs with pictures, the hint is In Thheir hands, the wise lean on a great force. I think it means sitting but I can't find the right picture.

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  1. Guest716
    Select the pictures where someone is holding a staff

  2. Guest7573
    pick the pictures with the canes or staffs in them
  3. Guest1622
    im on the glyph with pictures. the hint is "the power they wielded CUT down their enemies" any help?
  4. Guest9534
    could you number the pictures left to right and tell me which ones to enter?
  5. Guest2602
    "the power they wielded CUT down their enemies" any help?
    look 4 sowds
  6. Guest3518
    which ones are they cuz ive tried everything and im still stuck
  7. Guest7783
    i am still stuck too, i have perseus greece, alexander the great, and king arthur
  8. Guest5336
    when it says they lean on a great force it means they are all leaning on something like a staff of a walking stick
  9. Guest5023
    "the power the wielded CUT down there enemies"???  
  10. Guest5501
    Still can't get it, could you name them? even selecting the ones holding a cane it doesn't work...
  11. Guest8609
    Still can't get it, could you name them? even selecting the ones holding a cane it doesn't work...
  12. Guest8183
    what pictures are they
  13. Guest4781
    Bismark, Perseo, Atila, Alexander, Samson, Sigmund, CArlomagno, Arthur, Joan or arch and Aeneas
  14. Guest1875
    what five i am stuck please help
  15. Guest9234
    Its the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th and 9th pics, from left to right, top to bottom.
  16. Guest1201
    hey guys and what's the second order of pics at the fith gylph???
  17. Guest7066
    hey guys and what's the second order of pics at the fith gylph???
  18. Guest4727
    OMG i stuck on the Cut down the enemy one too and OH u know whats cool! ONLY 2 PICTURES HAVE SWORDS! wtf im so confused lk these are the only thing in the game that kinnda p**s me off lol
  19. Guest2248
    I only need 3 glyphs to go!! I'm on this code wheel one and it's very difficult for me it one with a Sumerian numerical system and in the back ground is headscans. There's a sequence of numbers In one picture and a 5 in a headscan if someone has done this oneplease help
  20. Guest1292
    yeah im stuck on the power they wielded cut their enemies down. i have chosen pretty much anything that has a spear, sword or any kind of weapon and still nothing is there a special order or somthing
  21. Guest4623
    I need help with the first glyph. the one that says they share a core similarity. any help please?
  22. Guest3846
    can someone please tell me the order of the first picture sequence.... i have no idea what i'm meant to  be lookig for and tried pretty much every combo.. cheers.
  23. Guest5339
    the one with the core pick the ones with people holding an apple
  24. Guest8061
    its means the staff
  25. Guest9433
    they mean the staff
  26. Guest5836
    Passcode: 2 4 5 6 8
  27. Guest8260
    pick the pics with the swords. and the black and white nores ones need to be in there becuase you can see the sword sticking out of the tree and the joan of ark one. the sword is kinda hard to see but its there. those are the ones i had a hard time seeing.
  28. Guest6678
    code is 12489... thats the sequence
  29. Guest5332
    Right i need help with the first one, could you tell me what order the pictures are in?
  30. Guest5840
    Persues, Greece - Attila The Hun, Eurasia - Sigmund, Norse - King Aurther, Britannia - Joan of Arc, France
    The secound: The pictures with canes/staffs in it.
  31. Guest635
    2 4 5 6 8 for the ones with a core similarity
  32. Guest3604
    the answer is the pictures where the person is holding a staff or sceptor
  33. Guest5055
    I'm stuck on The timeline one....
  34. Guest9166
    the power they wielded CUT down their enemies you have to pick the pics with swords arthur, joan of ark, sigmund, perseus and atila
  35. Guest8985
    The answer are the pictures with the people holding staffs
  36. Guest6359
    how can i get the second sword i just lost mine when the guards knocked it out of my hand and i only have a hidden blade now but i want a sword
  37. Guest6667
    The second part of #5 is in order--- 8,1,4,9,2
  38. Guest2151
    has any one done the fibanacci one yet
  39. Guest9587
    is pic 3 5 6 7 8
  40. Guest8837
    This stupid idiot that left the first comment to this question named: Guest13423409
    Americans are taught to read left to right...then up to down. Your moronic 3,5,6,7,8 asstounds me. I counted left to right then up to down...wrong. Then top left as spot 1 and bottom left spot 2 then the one next to spot 1 will be spot 3 and so forth...still wrong. Then I tried doing a back then forth...count the top row then do bottom row opposite direction...still wrong. How the ***k are you counting spot 3,5,6,7,8... Obviously on some childlike randomness. Your mind and math makes no sense. Its sad to see no one else noticed this oddness except for me. This person is an ideal example that proves that something is wrong with our educational least for that person. Im tired of running into idiots in my home, America. Stop giving other countries reasons to trash our country..get a d**n education!
  41. Guest2788
  42. Guest1080
    for the sumarian one skip up that many numbers according to the cypher on the side
  43. Guest5982
    for the hint is In Thheir hands, the wise lean on a great force, look for the pictures where theres a staff or stick
  44. Guest6998
    what is the answer to the FIRST ONE!! plz what is the answer
  45. Guest8021
    Ok so i just did gylph #1 and i already forgot because i wasnt paying attention but i remember that one was Hercules and The Fall Hint# Look carefully in their hands there should be what looks like a red apple in their hands.
  46. Guest2618
    i idont get glyph 16 florida is listed but its nowere on the map
  47. Guest497
    OK #6 i really buggin me
  48. Guest7728
    glyph 19 is just a case of picking the pictures that have the sun in it.
  49. Guest8344
    Pick the ones with the staffes
  50. Guest7213
    in glyph 4 or three not sure the question is the flames fom its throat POKE out their eyes any help on that one ?
  51. Guest3871
    pick the ones with the staffs
  52. Guest6745
    does anyone know the the 3 digit number code for the edison files one..with the number wheel thing?
  53. Guest246
    the clue is actually the words "lean" and "in their hands" all the pictures will have the same type of thing in their hands.
  54. Guest3460
    Anyone know the answer to "The Bunker" ("The Calvary?")?
  55. Guest6104
    i am on the codex wall.. need to know what im trying to do.hhheeellppp
  56. Guest7247
    its all photos where people r LEANing on a staff. x
  57. Guest6843
    hello  i'm  up to the part where desmond  is  dreaming and is casing the Target from the First  game  what do  have  to do because i dont  know what to do next
  58. Guest8749
    Guest13452339, Don't be an idiot please. The pictures are placed in a random order, so you're inability to pick out the correct pictures even with online help proves you're the idiot here.
  59. Guest9918
    the answer is picture 2 4 5 6 8 in any random order as they all have a fruit in their hands. YOU GUYS GOT OWNED Jordan.M.I
  60. Guest9453
    annoying this is not why i play games
  61. Guest7207
    the answer is a staff
  62. Guest3827
    apres l'attaque warren vidic
  63. Guest1620
    one of the answers is the guy with the staff. but look at how the pepole are leaning on the staffs. n the other pic is of the guy standing over the steps and he and his wife are looking down thats one
  64. Guest7893
    need help with glyphs 11 pics only
  65. Guest9762
    For the edison 3 digit pass code is 312.
  66. Guest8455
    No they all have staves to lean on
  67. Guest4247
    I have a question, I need help on this level where I chase this guy up through the village, and im climbing up the building and I cant get up hirer, there is nothing to grab onto. Its the level after you come back to real life and turn the sensors from red to green
  68. Guest1977
    its people of religion. others lean on them. so like Moses. the two Jerusalem people. Alexander the great and one of the Egyptian pictures
  69. Guest7516
    how do you find leonardo in the place were sail with him in the middleish
  70. Guest60
    2 4 5 6 8 :D
  71. Guest5184
    i tried the ones with staffs and nothing happens. this has been pissing me off for half an hour now
  72. Guest119
    Hi I need help with one of the glyphs, the one where it says "The Flames From It's Throat POKE Out Their Eyes" It's in black and white help?? =3 n.n
  73. Guest5783
    look for the fruit!!!!
  74. Guest4698
    seriously please help, these codes dnt help can u name the actual photos for the first one, i know its the ones holding the apples but my tv is rubbish and i cant c the pictures clearly, cheers!!! x
  75. Guest2416
    The answer is the staff which is holded by a human. Click on it and its urs.
  76. Guest6206
    pick out all the pictures with a staff in it
  77. Guest2362
    would someone please NAME the apple pictures, your numbers don't work since the pics are in a random order, please put the names of the pictures, ive been stuck on this for ages
  78. Guest2566
    It could mean what's in their hands or what their touching
  79. Guest6311
    I'm stuck...  with these formidable weapons, the adversaries of freeedom plan to consolidate their territory, to exploit, to control, and finally to destroy.  I can't seem to put the red symbols in the right order. could someone help...
  80. Guest318
    Someone asked about the Edison number wheel code.. One of the pages said "4=1", you add 3 to the original code numbers.
  81. Guest8618
    you have to pick the pics that have people leaning on staffs. one of these people are alexandera the great. the eygption pharon thats anouther one. they are pretty simple
  82. Guest9306
    find all the guys with a staff
  83. Guest500
    когда я в катакомбах в могиле ассасина как открыть дверь? Что сделать?
  84. Guest6862
    when it says LEAN it hints thier leaning on something which is a walking stick
  85. Guest3888
    Hey Guest13452339 don't chirp people because they didn't write it out the way you wanted it to. Maybe you're the dumb a*s who can't even do the mission in the came so shut the f**k up.
  86. Guest9987

    select the people with th staffs try the staffs first and then their hands if it still doesnt work and its the glyph i think it is then just look for a gold sphere and select it

  87. Guest1032

    what pass stage hideout ? 

  88. Guest1413

    What the h**l is worng with you people? 

    Stop saying look for a staff!  Look for a sword! It says a CUT down their enimies with, not wack them!

    I just completed it with these people that ave SWORDS; Atilia, Aurthor, Joan of Ark, Purseus,  and Sigumud.  Do that and you will get it.

  89. Guest8825

    What the h**l is worng with you people? 

    Stop saying look for a staff!  Look for a sword! It says a CUT down their enimies with, not wack them!

    I just completed it with these people that ave SWORDS; Atilia, Aurthor, Joan of Ark, Purseus,  and Sigumud.  Do that and you will get it.

  90. Guest3709

    it means the staff not the chair

  91. Guest5774

    in their hands the wise lean on target force assassin creed 2 please heeeelp

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