BBM all messages are pending for more than a day...what do I do to fix this?

by Guest1916  |  12 years, 7 month(s) ago

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I can't go on the internet with my blackberry anymore and I can't send blackberry messages but I can still text message and make phone calls how is this fixed?

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  1. Guest1514
    i neeeeeeed heeeellllpppppppp

  2. Guest2280
    god, i have the same problem! your not alone, this is so frustrating! :S
  3. Guest2781

    i have this problem and i have noooo idea how to fix it:'/

  4. Guest1604

    i have the answer for you :) My husbands was doing the same thing. Anyway click on the large logo in the main screen that looks like a speaker. click that. then when it opens click scroll all the way down and you will see Set Ring Tones/Alerts. click that, then click the Instant Messages selection. that opens up to 3 choices: blackberry Messenger Alert Blackberry Messenger groups and Blackberry Messenger New Message (click the on the last one, Blackberry Messenger New Message, the next screen will have lors of options: ring tone volume VIBRATION - make sure it is selected ON (not off) and that should solve the problem :) you will see here you can customize everything here for notifying etc. but that is the basic of how to get the phone to buzz with a new bbm message :)


  5. Guest2533

    i have it toooo!! :'(gen

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