BRK Model 4919 Hard-wired smoke detectors giving false alarms

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BRK Model 4919 Hard-wired smoke detectors giving false alarms

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  1. Guest7021
    Hi There,
    don't have a manual for BRK model 4919 in my collection, so I can't tell whether there are indicator lights that could help identify which detector is causing your troubles.

    Before we look into that, though, please consider that if your detectors are old -- approaching ten years -- then you should replace them. Detectors are so inexpensive that it often makes sense to replace them sooner than that, if they're acting up with frequent false alarms.

    BRK 4919 is a discontinued model; its direct replacement is the BRK 9120 (uses same wiring and mounting plate)

    Now, back to your existing detectors... You have one in the basement; what kind of furnace do you have? Some can produce a loot of "soot" that will cause you to clean the detector more frequently. This is the most likely, based on what you've told me.

    The second one to look at is on the same level as your kitchen and for the same reason... cooking often produces a bit of greasy smoke that can eventually foul a detector.

    In both cases, replacement or cleaning may only be a temporary solution; moving the detector farther away from the source of the "soot" is a better solution.

    I hope this helps!

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