Baby died after 'mother's kiss'

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Baby died after 'mother's kiss'

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  1. Amit bang
    A newborn baby girl may have died when her mother kissed her, an inquest in Lancashire has heard.

    Jennifer Schofield was 11 days old when her vital organs failed after contracting a strain of herpes in November 2006.

    The baby's mother, Ruth, 35, of Binyon Court, in Lancaster, transmitted the virus by kissing her or breastfeeding.

    Coroner Dr James Adeley recorded a narrative verdict, and said nobody was blamed for failing to spot the virus.

    The inquest heard the infection herpes simplex virus (HSV) was the type passed on through a cold sore.

  2. Guest5481
    That can not be true because it is not possiable for a child to die of a touch from a mother. Also, a child yearns for a mothers love, and a mother would not want to kill her own child that she gave birth to. There has to have been something wrong with the child wich is why the child was not able to stay with his/her family any longer. The moment the mother kissed her child, the baby must have been at rest and was then able to leave it's body with peace.
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