Back-up Parking Camera's in Pakistan

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back-up parking cameras!

According to safety advocacy group Kids and Cars, two children are killed and 48 children are seriously injured every week because a driver that was backing up didn't see them. It's not that these drivers are lazy or bad people, it's just that there's a blind spot when a car is reversing that's perfect for unknowing children to play in.

These cameras send live images of what's behind the car to a screen on the dashboard; the image comes up as soon as the driver puts it into reverse. And even if no children, pets or bad guys are hiding behind your vehicle, it still provides a handy way to parallel park perfectly or to back your vehicle up to a trailer hitch. This is a gadget that comes ready-installed in some vehicles, but wireless and wired versions are available as well.

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  1. Merlyn
    i think it costs about 5 grand to get one of these installed in Islamabad.. they are especially common cause of how cheap they are. but of course with Pakistani's its more of a 'cool thing, than for safety purposes! why? because you can get all your car windows tinted without having to worry about not being able to see when reversing!

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