Barcelona vs Real madrid 2010

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November 29th, 2010 real strange day for Football fans as two of the biggest clubs of football clash in the home city of Barcelona.
From the start of the game it was a total non stop action by Barcelona first goal in ten minutes into the game.
And then till the end of match it was a total disaster for Real Madrid fans with Barcelona hitting total of five goals.
Real Madrid players in desperation booked with number of yellow cards and a red card to Romos who also was booked with red card in UEFA Cup.
Xavi,Pedro and Jefran showing the ball to net once and Villa twice making it 5/0 home win to Barcelona.

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  1. Guest4530

    Real Madrid And Barcelona are two big names in the football world. Both teams are more reputed because to the rivalry in between. El Clasico is the name given to the match that is played in between these two teams. Both are clubs of Spain and most of the players are from Spain. Here just to mention that Spain is the team who are currently the world champions and also the European champions as well. They are contested twice a year in the Spanish La Liga, and more often these two clubs meet in other competitions. El Clasico is the most followed club football match.

    Madrid and Barcelona are the largest cities of Spain, and these clubs are the richest, most successful and influential football clubs in the country and that is the basic root cause of their rivalry. Real Madrid currently lead the rivalry by winning 76 trophies while Barcelona stading at 73 including current year Champion league trophy. 23 players so far have shifted from Barcelona to Madrid and 12 players have shifted from Madrid to Barcelona.

    Well at the end i would just like to say that in football there can not be any better match to be watched then El Clasico. In 2010 Bacelona were in better form of game. And they are currently the best club of football in the world in my books. 

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