Base Price of 2011 BMW Z4

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Where can I find the details about the Base Price of 2011 BMW Z4? Is there anyone who can tell me please? Thank you in advance.

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  1. Guest5366

     "Base Price of 2011 BMW Z4 is $48,325 - $63,375.

    The newest Z4 form is distinuished by instantaneous answer to the accelerator pedal, truly unbelievable noise, and a free-revving spirit. The motor characteristics expanded air intake flow and expanded increase force to issue more power with the identical benchmark of efficiency. The blend of twin low-mass turbochargers and High Precision direct injection boasts an yield a naturally-aspirated motor would only be adept to supply through more cylinders and bigger displacement.

    The turbocharger scheme evolved for the motor of the new BMW Z4 sDrive35is sustains a high yield all through the whole motor pace range. Nominal top torque is expanded to 332 lb-ft from 1,500 rpm to 4,500 rpm. Maximum yield of 335 hp is consigned at 5,900 rpm.

    Now the spectacular promise of this power unit is being put to even larger use in the new type of the BMW Roadster, characteristics for example optimized air provide and expanded increase force double-checking an even better flow of power with the identical high benchmark of efficiency.

    Instead, the BMW Twin Turbo power unit values two little turbochargers which, through their reduced inertia, slash in from the start at somewhat reduced motor races, each providing three cylinders with compressed air. As an outcome, power and presentation are constructed up with a grade of spontaneity rather odd on a turbocharged engine. The turbocharger scheme evolved for the power unit of the new BMW Z4 sDrive35is sustains a high increase force all through the whole burden range. Peak torque now expanded to 450 Newton-meters or 332 lb-ft arrives from a reduced 1,400 rpm and is sustained consistently all the way to 4,500 rpm. Maximum yield of 250 kW/340 hp, in turn, is consigned at 5,800 rpm."

    2011 BMW Z4

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