BeepEgg Egg Timer Sings ‘Killing Me Softly’ As it Boils Your Egg

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BeepEgg Egg Timer Sings ‘Killing Me Softly’ As it Boils Your Egg

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  1. revathi
    Most youngsters today know all about cooking. Like when you tell them to separate the eggs and beat them, they know just enough to place two eggs at both ends of the kitchen table and look for a club. For those of us who aren’t as talented is this new Firebox device.

    The BeepEgg is the new-age kitchen device for those of us who are venturing into the walls of a kitchen for the first time. If you have trouble boiling your eggs and tend to cautiously wait till the poor thing is cracked and a gooey mass of blackened carbon then this will be just the perfect device for you. The BeepEgg is an egg-timer that beeps at various intervals but instead of really annoying with a loud beep once the egg is done, it will play you a soothing tune. Get this, when the egg timer wants to let you know the egg is soft-boiled, it will start playing the tune for “Killing Me Softly”. If you don’t feel like rushing to save the egg, it would eventually play two other tunes when it reaches medium and hard-boiled status.

    The BeepEgg comes with non-replaceable batteries that will last only 18 months, and it costs £15. I wouldn’t advise you to buy this until you learn which song it plays to say the eggs are hard..

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