Best Australian Travel Money Savers options

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How can I save my money in Australia being a traveler? Can anyone list some suggestions for me?

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  1. Guest4227
    There are lots of opportunities to save on your holiday and travel costs.  When you buy insurance from a travel agent, you will be paying as much as an extra 50% for the agent's commission. Buy online and you save that commission.
    Review some money saver opportunities to find those that best suit your needs. Special offers on tours, accommodation, admission prices, restaurant and dining, best available prices for car hire or camper rental, all add up to a significant savings. Tour operators will often discount their tours at different times of the year.
    When it comes to holiday apartments at the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in Queensland, the most common form of special deal is free nights in the low season. Stay 7 and pay 6 or stay 5 and pay 4 are the most common deals offered.

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