Best Beach Fishing Competitions of 2011 in Northern Australia

by Guest7473  |  13 years ago

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Which are the top fishing and reeling competitions of this year in Australia? Please list the famous ones here. Thanks.

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  1. Guest8818
    The Northern Territory of Australia is renowned for the events it hosts every year. Following is the list of some Best Beach Fishing Competitions that will take place in 2001 in Northern Australia:
    - 17th Annual Dundee Beach Fishing Competition 2011 Club Marine Barra Nationals
    - Aurora Kakadu Klash
    - Barra Bash 2011
    - Borroloola Barra Classic
    - Circle F Easter Fishing Competition
    - Darwin Boat and Leisure Show
    - Dundee Easter Family Fishing Competition
    - Reel Women Barra Classic 2011

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