Best Eye Shadow Colors for Brown Eyes

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I need to know the best eye shadow colors for brown eyes. Please be sure that I need to put makeup for whole day and as makeup may look ugly when it gets fade, so please suggest the colors accordingly. Also, please it’s better if you recommend the brand along, because looking into some cool colors is too good , but finding the right color from a brand is way too difficult… please avoid suggesting brands that are not easily available in the market! …. Lisa

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  1. Victor Strong

    Excellent answer for Best Eye Shadow Colors for Brown Eyes by Daniel Phil.

  2. Daniel Phil

    Lisa, I think colors that give natural look are perfect choice for all eyes. For instance brown eye shades suit almost all type of eyes and give a natural look. If you’re a working girl you should often try brown eye shadow colors. It won’t look ugly even when it starts fading. Besides that for a change, do try other colors too, but keep yourself limited to light colors if it’s not an evening party. You can try peach or beige as a base color and/or highlighter color and pinkish purple or coral shade as an all over lid color. You can have similar combinations and try different colors. Check out my suggested eye shadow colors for brown eyes below:

    Best Eye Shadow Colors for Brown Eyes 1

    Best Eye Shadow Colors for Brown Eyes 2

    Best Eye Shadow Colors for Brown Eyes 3

    My prefered brand for eye shadows is Lancome, check out their latest collections at,default,sc.html

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