Best Settings for Indoor Photography

by Guest8774  |  10 years, 5 month(s) ago

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hey, i have a canon 1000D (18-55 kit lns). I am havving trouble getting god pictures while photographing indoors. my piks come but blurry. can you recommend some good setting wrt Aperture and shutter speed and Iso?

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  1. Neel Patel

    This style of photography will have great lighting on people in the foreground. Indoor photography is perhaps one of the most challenging places to shoot for new and experienced photographers. If you have an SLR, you may want to tuck your elbow into your belly, relax, hold your breath and gently press the shutter button.



  2. Guest1074
    Increase Aperture(Reduce F number),Increase ISO, decrease shutter speed, use external flash...
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