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I am searching for some best body hair removal products available in the market. Actually my husband has a lot of problem regarding excessive body hair, so please tell us the best body hair removal products or the ways to get rid of them.

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  1. VISS Beauty UK

     I would recommend intense pulse light. It is now available as a home device meaning you can perform hair removal in the comfort of your own home

  2. Jennifer

     "The structure of human hair consists of two distinct forms, the follicle under the covering of the skin and the shaft, that part of the skin which we use to see. The ""bulb"" or ""bulge"" is established at the foundation of the follicle and is the living factor of the hair. The major constituent of hair is keratin, a type of hard protein.

    There are numerous ways are present in the market which really helps a lot to manage such a hurdle. Some of the products and ways are mentioned as follows:

    • Electrolysis hair removal

    • Epilators

    • Hair growth inhibitors

    • Hair removal creams / depilatories

    • Ingrown hair treatments

    • Laser hair removal

    • Plucking

    • Shaving

    • Sugaring

    • Waxing"

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