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I am looking for some good best cell phone plans. Is there anyone who can provide me full detail regarding my query?

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  1. Jennifer

     "Cheap Mobile phone Plans, less utilization for irregular Users

    Many clients which are irregular users have a phone out of availability more than for anything else. These generally available with low cost plans but they only work if you have limited use; this usually entails you make round one call per day.

    Customers are pleased to glimpse plans without long period agreements. In a field where just a year before a 24-month or 12-month deal was common, mobile subscribers are glimpsing a lot more of the 30-day agreement, and they acknowledge the flexibility.

    Think Simple Classic - pay $12 a month for $24 worth of calls. A 2.5 minute call runs .80/cents; .12/cent text messages.

    IPrimus Saver $9.95 - $9.95 a month with a $49.95 one time set up costs. A 2.5 minute call is $2.35; has a $75 cap."

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