Best holiday houses at Byron Bay in Australia

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Which are the most famous hotels and resorts famous among the tourists at Byron Bay in Australia?

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    Byron Bay also has a sophisticated side that will impress even the most discerning traveler. The harmonious fusion of visitors is one of the many unique and endearing features of Byron Bay. People from all walks of life flock to Australia's eastern-most point to enjoy its unique beach-side charm, and there is a huge range of accommodation and leisure options to suit everyone.  
    At Byron Bay beautiful style holiday houses, intimate hotels and sophisticated guesthouses await.
    You can't talk about 5-star luxury accommodation in Byron Bay without mentioning the exquisite Byron at Byron Resort & Spa. One of the larger luxury accommodation providers in Byron, the Byron at Byron sits discreetly within 45-acres of beautiful rainforest. Rae's at Wategos is another luxurious Byron getaway and if you prefer the idea of self-contained luxury accommodation, The Villas of Byron and Amala Villa are sure to impress.

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