Best jobs for foreigners in South Africa

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I need complete list of jobs and careers that are best suited to foreigners in South Africa. I am planning to move to South Africa but want to confirm before taking any decision whether I am going in the right direction or not!

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  1. Guest2307

    I am living in south Africa and i have noticed that south africa suffers a great shortage in skills in the following: engineering, ICT and education. Potential immigrants will find that they can obtain work permits so much easier if they possess these skills.

  2. Guest3595

    South Africa is emerging as a job market for skilled workers since some time back. There is a wide range of opportunities for foreigners in South Africa which includes engineering and technology, IT, education and specifically small business. Other than skilled workers, there are many opportunities for unskilled people in South Africa, but that is mainly labour class.

    Although South Africa is a developing country, it has very strict regulations for foreigners who wish to work in the country. As compared to developed countries, the process for working in South Africa is not that different. You are required a work permit which you can apply for from the Department of Home Affairs of South Africa. Only after getting a guaranteed employment in South Africa, you can proceed for the rest of the process which takes enough time.

    By the way skilled foreigners can also apply for a permanent residence visa which will allow you to live and work in South Africa indefinitely.


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