Best places to eat out in Islamabad.

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Here are my top three best places to eat out in Islamabad.

3. Table talk
If you’re looking for place with an ambience to match the comforts of good food with good company, you have to try Table Talk in Kohsar Market, F-6.It is cozy, warm and gives you the feeling of home and hearth. The menu is limited but the servings are plentiful and quite generous even when you talk about the salads. The soups and crepes are good but their desi style food is unbelievably good.

2. China town
On Number 2 comes Chinatown located adjacent to the Rana Market F-7 and they serve some really good Chinese and Schezuan dishes. They serve a variety of soups, starters, appetizers, entrées, and main dishes that are really affordable at the same time quite palatable too.Recommended dish: The Firepot.

1.Kabuli Restaurant.
Finally, the Number 1 restaurant in Islamabad for me is the Kabuli Restaurant also located in F-7 but on the main College Road, adjacent to Jinnah Super Market. From Central Asian specialties to Pakistani favorites, this is the best bar-b-q in Islamabad bar none. The food there is to die for especially the Chutnee and Achar they serve it with. If you are in Islamabad, and want something desi with a hot Naan Kabuli is the place to go. Recommended dishes: Mantu, and Kabuli Pullao (aka Brinj in Farsi).

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  1. Saba
    another choice is "Texas" which is not exactly in islamabad but in rawalpindi saddar. recommended dish is : Cajun Pasta

  2. Guest5239
    sufi located near peshawar road, just behind the FIA building is also good
  3. Guest2363
    another place is captain cooks in Jinnah super.. its food is clean and tasty and the prices are pretty low.. plus the sitting arrangement is very nice.. a must eat out place
  4. Guest114
    Cafe Grinde in F-7, special dish in Steak is chicken Supreme.
  5. Guest3256
    How can we forget Savour Foods :)
  6. enriqueerica
    Best place for eating?
    tayyab paluo house G-10 Mkz islamabad
  7. Guest5706
    I like Captain Cook's food, specially their Chicken/Beef Chilli Rice along with Chicker Corn soup. Their menu is pretty diverse and prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended!!
  8. Guest5541
    Bar-b-Q tonight is also one of the best place in Islamabad.
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