Best real estate agent in ottawa canada?

by Guest8249  |  12 years, 3 month(s) ago

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i want to buy property in Ottawa Canada and looking for the best real estate agent in Ottawa Canada. Can someone provide me the required assistance? I am waiting for the answer.

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  1. Guest9965
    Atif Mirza is one of the best, goes out of his way to serve and understands the importance of value and service.  also Mark Johnson is really good beside julie power who works hard. there are many others but still i did not have the chance to work with them nor i know anyone else who worked with them, i can't comment on how good they are. feel free to add real estate agents in ottawa you dealt with.  

  2. Guest7720
    i would have to agree, Atif Mirza is one of the best. not only as an agent but as a person. he made me feel good about selling my property and got me a very good deal. also helped me find the house i had been looking for. thank Mr.Mirza. and good luck with everything.
  3. Guest4709
    Ian Hassell from Remax Metro-City  is good mirza from remax is also good.
  4. Guest1612
    Another Remax metro-city agent, Katherine Macisaac is very helpful, seems to care.
  5. Guest4720
    I recently had the opportunity to purchase my first townhome and was referred to Matt Richling through a mutual friend. Immediately he put me at ease with the whole purchasing experience, walking me through everything step by step. Compared to other agents I had previously spoke with, it was easy to relate to Matt as he made my purchase a priority of his, made the experience fun, and most importantly, demonstrated utmost professionalism. I would not hesitate to call Matt the next time I make a real estate purchase or refer him to any of my friends.
  6. Guest1148

    Matt Richling’s level of service was second-to-none! His warm, professional manner made us feel at ease right away, and he showed great patience with us as we requested one showing after the next! We were only in Ottawa visiting for a week ( a recent trip from the UK) and so we kept him very busy with a hectic schedule. He was happy to go far afield to show properties, and made himself available whenever it was required.

    Matt was very approachable and a huge help to us in choosing our future neighbourhood and home. He always had our best interests at heart, and we had every confidence in him as our realtor. He kept us well informed of the process every step of the way, and we knew we could call him at any time if we had any concerns or queries.

    In addition, he went beyond the call of duty and kept a watchful eye on our home as it remained vacant for a few months earlier this year. He even helped us move in some of our furniture when we finally arrived!

    We would very highly recommend Matt’s services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

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