Best way to Cage a Tomato

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My uncle was asking me a question which I don’t know the answer, what is the best way to Cage a Tomato? Is there anyone who can tell me please?

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     Tomato plants generally augment to 4 to 6 feet big, with some diversity increasing up to 12 feet. Tomato plants need support because they are leafy and dainty, while the crop they make is heavy. If tomato plants are not correctly sustained, the crop either will go under to the ground and rot, or shatter the tomato branches. Tomato cages supply required support to tomato plants.

    • Choose the correct tomato cage for the kind of tomato vegetation you are growing. The best alternative for all tomato plants is the square-shaped cage. These are big sufficient, and have the added benefit of bending for storage when not in use. Conical tomato cages work with lesser diversity of tomatoes, but manage not supply adequate support for bigger indeterminate varieties.

    • Unfold the tomato cage in order that it is square-shaped, if utilising this type.

    • Right after the tomato seedling has appeared, or the vegetation has been transplanted, location the tomato cage over the tomato vegetation, with the vegetation in the center of the cage.

    • Firmly impel the tomato cage into the ground, being very careful not to puncture the origins of the tomato plant.

    • Once the tomato cage has been shoved as far as likely into the ground, mallet the peak of the cage until the legs are 6 inches in the ground.

    • Check the increasing tomato vegetation every week, and direct any parts on the vegetation through the next-highest grade of the tomato cage.

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