Best way to diagnose a Red Rash on Face

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What is the best way to diagnose a Red Rash on Face, I have seen red rashes on my face from last 2 days.

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     Rashes are not ever a pleasing experience. Rashes on the face are generally much poorer for the sufferer than other locations, as they origin a certain stage of humiliation in supplement to the common wellbeing anxieties that proceed along with rashes.

    • Inspect your rash in a mirror. How does it look? If the red rash is scaly, it could be a certain assortment of disorders. However, if it is not scaly, it could be a absolutely distinct set of skin problems.

    • Feel the rash. If it is circular it could be numerous distinct afflictions. However, if it is flat, it can be a solely distinct set of problems. And yet, if it is dry and flaky it could be completely different. Know that red, non-scaly, increased rashes are most routinely initiated by bug bites. These little red bumps will be alike to pimples, except they will be more numerous. Newborns furthermore have alike looking rashes renowned as Strawberry Nevus.

    • Understand that red, non-scaly, flat rashes can be the signal of more grave disorders. Tops amidst them are measles. Another widespread affliction is cellulitis, which outcomes in tender skin and should be healed with antibiotics. A grave rash with these symptoms is Stevens Johnson Syndrome which can be a signal of an answer to medication.

    • Investigate red, scaly rashes more closely; these can be grave indications of long-run skin disorders. Eczema, ringworm and lupus all share a alike gaze and all have diverse qualifications of gravity and remedies.

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