Blackheads on body removal home remedies.

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Jerry, I’m a civil engineer and mostly my work is in dusty areas. Due to this, my skin has so many blackheads. This looks ugly on me. I want to get rid of that s**t. I always remain in tension due to it.

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  1. selvester robin

     Blackheads are not remaining a big issue now days. There are large numbers of companies producing creams, lotions and soaps for blackheads according to skin types. The main reasons of blackheads are due to pollution or dust and sometimes due to oily skin. The best method to get rid of that is to wash your face after every two hour.  Along with that, use good quality oil free soap, lotions and cleansers.

    Apart from that, you can also apply home remedies such as 

    1) Wash your face first with face wash

    2) Place a Warm ,wet washcloth on blackhead for few minutes to soften that area.

    3) Place your fingers on that area and gently push your fingers together. Digging fingers into the skin.

    Hope fully my answer will help you to get rid of that skin problem and release your tension a lot. Be happy.

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