Blindness relating from severe neck and head trauma

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Advise please slipped and tripped jarred neck and back badly banged right side of head on car. Lost complete vision within 4 days in right eye then left deteriated now legally blind Diagnosed as vascular occlusion in right eye had perfect sight prior to this had had eye examination 2 weeks prior to all clear In new zealand  trying to get proof for our acc that my condition could be caused by this I was a very active man prior to this now life is devasrtated any help please

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  1. Guest7755
    I don't know if this is the same thing but I took a fall and hurt the lower portion of my spine very badly and the next day I could not read anything.  All words are blurry close up and now even the distance of writing a check out , I cannot see the words on the check or even where to sign.  Mine has been two years and is getting increasingly bad.  It came from hurting my spine because It was the very next day that I could not read and I had 20/20 vision the day before.
    Doc's don't believe it.  Whats new ? Hope you are doing better.  I am newly divorced and alone and this is the pits.

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