Bodies recovery of Air India Flight 182

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Is there anyone who knows about the bombing details of Air India Flight 182? Is there anyone who knows about this I have searched a lot but cannot find it on internet?

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    By 09:13:00hrs GMT, the cargo ship Laurentian Forest had discovered the wreckage of the aircraft and many bodies floating in the water.
    The bomb killed all 22 crew and 307 passengers. Post-accident medical reports graphically illustrated the outcomes of the passengers and crew. Of the 329 persons on board, 131 bodies were recovered; 198 were lost at sea. Eight bodies exhibited "flail pattern" injuries, indicating that they exited the aircraft before it had hit the water. This, in turn, was a sign that the airplane had broken up in mid-air. Twenty-six bodies showed signs of hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Twenty-five bodies, mostly victims who were seated near windows, showed signs of explosive decompression. Twenty-three bodies had signs of "injuries from a vertical force". Twenty-one passengers were found with little or no clothing.
    One official quoted in the report stated, "All victims have been stated in the PM reports to have died of multiple injuries. Two of the dead, one infant and one child, are reported to have died of asphyxia. There is no doubt about the asphyxia death of the infant. In the case of the other child (Body No 93) there was some doubt because the findings could also be caused due to the child undergoing tumbling or spinning with the anchor point at the ankles. Three other victims undoubtedly died of drowning."
    The vessel Guardline Locator from the UK, with sophisticated sonar equipment aboard, and the French cable-laying vessel the Léon Thévenin, with its robot submarine Scarab, were dispatched to locate the flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR) boxes. The boxes would be difficult to find and it was imperative the search be commenced quickly. By 4 July, the Guardline Locator equipment had detected signals on the sea bed and on 9 July the CVR was pin-pointed and rose to the surface by the Scarab. The next day the FDR was located and recovered.

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