Bose 701

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Power amp is not working

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  1. amomipais82
    Discover Bose 701 floorstanding speakers, and beautiful music that fills your room with powerful, accurate, full stereo sound. The styling is sleek. The footprint, elegantly slender. The performance, so rich and lifelike Bose confidently asks you to compare it with that of any other manufacturer's best model. Listen, and hear the difference. With Bose technology, the 701 speakers perform beyond your expectations. Their sound is second only to the Bose 901 Direct/Reflecting speaker system - through more than twenty-five years the world standard for lifelike music reproduction. The Bose 701 Direct/Reflecting Speaker System takes up a minimum of floor space. But its rich, lifelike music fills the room. With Bose Direct/Reflecting speaker technologies, you hear a natural blend of reflected and direct sound that conventional speakers cannot match. And with Bose Stereo Everywhere speaker performance, you don't even need to sit in one small "sweet spot" between the speakers to enjoy the music. From the highest trill of a piccolo, to thundering bass, the sound has lifelike quality. Side-firing mid-range drivers reflect music off the room's walls for spaciousness. Stereo Targeting tweeters make the musicians seem to play, left to right, exactly where they should. The two woofers in each speaker's patent-ed multi-chamber bass enclosure launch low frequencies without audible distortion. The end result is sound so real, the performers almost seem to be on a stage in front of you. Hearing is believing!

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