Botox for hair care

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Botox for hair care

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    It is well known that our hair suffers attacks everything around us, and there is nothing we can do about it. From pollution, age, dyes and iron, to other factors that contribute to being abused, look dull and lackluster.

    And it is a fact that we will not stop playing with our hair, so we have to find an effective solution is to offset the effects of the damage we caused you.

    Botox is revolutionizing the beauty market, and not far behind as to repair your hair. It offers deep hydration treatment that regenerates the cuticle giving it his bark fibrous proteins. As a result, you get hair rejuvenation with a spectacular shine.

    Its main component is collagen, and contains natural emollients to apply it contributes to cell regeneration. In summary, Botox provides nutrition to hair and restore completely.

    Many women are opting for this new technique appears to begin to replace the keratin in hair salons. The effect of Botox lasts 3-4 months and can repeat as many times as you need, it does not cause damage to the hair fiber.

    If you decide on this option to care for your hair, we suggest an expert to do not take any chances. Your stylist will wash your hair and apply Botox with a paintbrush. Then you should leave it on for 20 minutes covering your head with a cap. Finally they must wash it with water and you will leave the salon with a hair contest.

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