Bowel cancer symptoms in women

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Is there anyone who can give me complete details regarding the bowel cancer symptoms in women? Please help with full and comprehensive details; I am waiting for your reply as early as possible.

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  1. Jennifer


    • To location early indications of colon cancer in women, you should have deep care for bowel movements changes. Early cancer can be initiated by symptoms like constipation, stools narrowing, and continue diarrhea.

    • You should take special care for the blood in your stool

    • One of the initial symptoms of colon cancer in women can be loosing appetite.

    • Weight lose without any clear reasons should also be reported to your doctor.

    • Experiencing continue fatigue, it can be one of the initial indications of colon cancer in women.

    • Your risk of beinf due to colon cancerous infection can be higher if there is one or more member of your family had a history of this cancer.

    • You will also have a higher risk of colon cancerous infection if you have Crohn’s infection, ulcerative colitis, or bowel syndrome. That is why, to notice the initial indications of colon cancerous infection in women, you should manage the regular tests."

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