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Is there anyone who can inform me please with full details that what is the Job description of a Busser? I need the prompt reply of my query with complete description.

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  1. Jennifer

     "If you've ever been to an ordinary or a high profile bistro you have probably glimpsed a busser working there. This individual is very crucial to the smooth accomplishment of an engaged eatery.


    The basic duties of a busser to arrange tables, clean up the tables, restocking the plates and many times deliver food to customers as runners.


    A busser must possess nice communication abilities in case visitors have inquiries while he is out on the floor. This employee should have obligation to best standard clientele service. He should also be adept to cater the high-pressure work load of a restaurant.

    Work Environment:

    The responsibility of a busser is to spend majority of his time in the kitchen bringing back and arranging plates and cooking utensils. A busser also takes care of miscellaneous tasks that are asked by waiter staff and the cooking staff. A busser spends all of the time on foot while working.


    The main purpose of the restaurant’s employ bussers is to lessen the work load of the waitstaff, which is commonly engage in taking orders, processing payments, checking on the food and bringing food and plates to every table.


    Bussers are paid mostly in tips. They share tips with waiters. The busser will commonly receive about 3 percent of the total tips for all of the waiters that he worked for that night in addition to a minimal hourly wage (usually between $5 to $8 per hour depending on the state)."

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