Buying a cheap vehicle in Australia

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Where can I get an affordable car for traveling around Australia?

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  1. Guest2394
    If you're going to be travelling around Australia for several months it may be worth the trouble to buy your own car and sell it before you leave. Cheap reliable cars are generally large cars such as the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore, which can cost a lot to run but are generally cheap to fix and service.
    Buying a vehicle as a backpacker in Australia is pretty easy.  Visit most hostels in the country and they will have notice boards advertising cars and campers for sale. Most of the sellers will be fellow travelers coming to the end of their trip which means you can sometimes get a good deal if they are getting desperate to sell.
    Some car dealers that do a lot of business with backpackers offer a buy-back guarantee, where they offer to buy the car back from you at an agreed (lower) price at the end of your trip. You can usually get a much better price selling the car yourself but a buy-back guarantee is handy if you don’t want to waste precious time trying to sell the car when you have finished with it.

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