Can A Car Run On Vegetable Oil?

by Guest7562  |  12 years, 2 month(s) ago

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Can A Car Run On Vegetable Oil? - I've heard rumors about this being a good source of fuel for a diesel engine with some modification. is this actually possible? and like CNG is an alternative fuel for a petrol engine, why don't we use vegetable oil as an alternative for diesel oil in diesel engines?

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  1. Jessica_Nancy
    Yes, if you make all the modifications needed. There are a handful of companies that supply kits or already converted vehicles.
    Check this link

  2. Maravarman
    When it comes to running vegetable oil through your vehicle, you can kiss your warranty goodbye! But what do you expect? Can you imagine what the dealership is going to say when they see the added-on plumbing, and a tank full of the stuff their lunch was fried in?
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