Can Hibernation Help Humans?

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Can Hibernation Help Humans?

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  1. Aalia
    Some of the amazing feats of survival hibernating animals accomplish could one day help humans. The pure fat diet that hibernating bears subsist on doubles their cholesterol level, but the level drops to normal after hibernation, and the bears suffer none of the ill effects that humans experience from elevated cholesterol. Scientists are hoping to find a tool to fight heart disease.

    Other researchers have used hydrogen sulfide to induce a hibernationlike state in mice. If the procedure could be applied to humans, it could help stabilize accident victims or slow the progress of a disease. It could also make radiation therapy for cancer more effective by reducing the healthy cells’ dependence on oxygen. These scientists think that all animals have a latent ability to survive in a state of hibernation, including humans. Anecdotal evidence of humans surviving long periods with reduced body temperatures supports this claim.

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