Can I buy online form pottery barn Canada?

by Guest6003  |  9 years, 5 month(s) ago

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I want to buy furniture for my home from pottery barn in Canada. Anybody knows how to buy it online from pottery barn.

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  1. Guest8328
    Yes, there is a way! If you use to find a US Shipping Address along the border you can ship anything off of Pottery Barn to the border and pick it up within 30 days.

    You also save on international shipping and brokerage fees by doing this so it's cheaper.

    You can find lots if information about this over at as well. It's a website that talks about Kinek and various tips on shipping items to the border.

  2. Guest2457

    Yes I've ordered my cabinet through the pottery barn yorkdale mall.It's either you pick the items up or have them deliver it straight to your home (extra shipping charge of course). You can contact the store and let them know what you want.

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