Can I get a list of some Real Estate agents in Delaware?

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I want to have a list of top Real Estate agents which are based in Delaware as I want to gift a new home to my wife on our wedding anniversary.

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    The best gift a husband can give to her wife on an occasion like a wedding anniversary is a new home. Following is the List some prominent real estate agents based in Delaware with their complete names and locations.

    Prestige Real Estate

    Bethany Beach DE

    Donna Planck Real Estate

    7234 Lancaster Pike 200b, Hockessin DE

    Eddie Riggin Real Estate

    5301 Limestone Road, Wilmington DE

    Young Marge Real Estate

    520 Capitol Trail, Newark DE

    Joanne Seitz Real Estate

    2315 W 17th Street, Wilmington DE

    Hb Real Estate Corp

    209 Beech Drive, Dover DE

    Rosemarie Hamill Real Estate

    7234 Lancaster Pike, Hockessin DE

    Marcy Peters Real Estate

    5 Falling Tree Court, Newark DE

    Ana Riblett Real Estate

    7234 Lancaster Pike, Hockessin DE

    Real Estate Title & Escrow

    17577 Nassau Commons Boulevard, Lewes DE

    Florine Rosauri Real Estate

    680 S College Avenue, Newark DE

    Real Estate Appraisal Co

    4 Somerset Lane, Newark DE

    Baerbel Real Estate

    153 Saint Moritz Drive, Wilmington DE

    Noved Real Estate

    2 W Loockerman Street, Dover DE

    Adkins Real Estate

    601 N Porter Street, Seaford DE

    Nickle Reat Estate Inc

    119 Washington Street, Delaware City DE

    Patterson-Schwartz Realtors

    3705 Kennett Pike, Wilmington DE

    Patterson & Schwartz

    140 Greentree Drive, Dover DE

    Emroy Hill Real Estate Inc

    300 White Clay Center Drive, Newark DE

    David Muellenberg Real Estate Inc

    31 Villanova Court, Newark DE


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