Can I get admission in surfing programs in Coffs Harbour in Australia?

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I am looking for classes for surfing in Australia. Can anyone please tell me about any cheap lessons I can join in Coffs Harbour?

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  1. Guest9334
    The Australian National Parks and Solitary Marine Park located at the Coffs Harbour offer beautiful sights, great walks, fishing, diving and boating.  Coffs Harbour experiences lovely summers and mild winters. The water rarely drops below 18C/60F in winter, which is warmer than most northern Hemisphere summers.
    You can participate in the surf classes which are offered by a team of professional staff, who will ensure an experience which is positive, safe, successful, friendly and fun time in the water.
    Many surfing programs in Australia offer surfing with dolphins and, between June and August, the whales swim by. The aim is of these surfing programs is to maximize performance enhancement to people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds while proving and ensuring a safe and fun learning environment.

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