Can I have some good bathroom decorating ideas?

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I am searching for some contemporary styles of bathroom decorating, is there anyone who can give me some good bathroom decorating ideas?

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  1. Jennifer

     "The bathroom is the most convenient room for re-styling. By buying a couple of components and utilizing a little creativity, you'll be adept to decorate your bathroom

    • Choose your shower curtain, since it is the prominent source of color in your bathroom other than walls.

    • Paint your walls in a color same of the colors in the shower curtain. Keep this thing in your mind, light colors make the bathroom emerge larger.

    • Add new towel racks. Putting them by the bathtub or over the toilet are good, convenient locations.

    • The towels should be hanged that match the wash curtain. Don't use the exactly same color that you decorated the walls.

    • Buy the rugs for the bathroom floor that matches the towel colors.

    • Also include accessories like toothbrush holders, tissue holders, and a soap dispenser that can be like decoration on the cake, so don't be too thrifty when you choose the style. Candles on the vanity, on the bathtub bends, or overhead the toilet also add a designer touch to your bathroom."

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