Can I make changes to my booking after purchased Air India ticket?

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I have booked an Air India ticket online and want to know that can I make changes to my booking after purchasing Air India ticket online?

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  1. Guest3897
    For bookings made online on our website ,prior to 27th February 2011, please contact your local Air India reservations office for changes to your booking or please send an email to
    However, our Call Centers, Airport and City offices would be able to help you in making changes to your itinerary, irrespective from where you purchased the ticket.
    If you wish to change any of the details of your booking e.g. date and time, you must inform us of your changes prior to the scheduled departure of your flight to avoid any no show charges if applicable. Changes to your booking may incur a rebooking fee depending on the applicable fare rule.
    For domestic online  bookings made after 27th February 2011 please visit the “My Booking” section on the website, where you will be permitted to rebook .

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