Can I upgrade from vista home basic to windows 7?

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I am Jackie and I am from Montreal. I am a newly user of computer I have windows vista home basic edition and I want to know that can I upgrade from vista home basic to windows 7. Can someone please help me about it? I hope you can help me about it. Thanks

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  1. Guest15

    Only three versions of Windows Vista are appropriate, being Home Premium, Business and Ultimate. The upgrades to Windows 7 will correspond to the lateral version; so Home Premium will progress to the new same, Business will depart to Professional and Ultimate will be Ultimate. Upgrades from Windows Vista Home Basic are not part of the program, and there will be no pick for users to redevelopment to a higher-end variety of Windows 7 through the free redevelopment program. New computers marketed with Windows XP in addition will not be supported.

    While upgrades from a 64-bit variety of Vista will get you a 64-bit variety of Windows 7, it’s unclear if or not users can opt to depart from 32-bit to 64-bit. It’s certain; even so, the programs redevelopment method will not sanction an in-place redevelopment from 32-bit to 64-bit. Those who perform accept the free redevelopment to Windows 7 will have both picks of playing an in-place redevelopment as well as performing a clean install.

    Although the knowledge does look like to make sense, Microsoft isn’t approving neither refuting any of it. Microsoft often investigates picks with our partners to ascertain wares offerings, the Microsoft spokesperson advised Beta news. We are not publicising any kind new at this time.


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