Can a country have a President and Prime Minister?

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Can a country have a President and Prime Minister?

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  1. Brad Isaac

      Countries with both a president and prime minister have a semi-presidential system in which an elected president is in power along with the prime minister and who are responsible to the legislature of a state. The president and prime minister usually have different responsibilities and powers and they could vary from country to country. For example, France the president is responsible for foreign policy while domestic policy is the responsibility of the prime minister. 

  2. Brad Isaac

    There are numerous countries that have both a president and prime minister such as Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Montenegro, Moldova, Macedonia, Latvia, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Uzbekistan, U.A.E., Turkey, Taiwan, Egypt, Chad, Cameroon, Algeria, Fiji, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, and many other countries.

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