Can any one tell me the Biography of Dr Abdus salam?

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I want to know the Biography of Dr Abdus salam?

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    Salam's father was an education officer in the Department of Education of British Punjab State in a poor farming district. Salam's family has a long tradition of piety and learning.
    At age fourteen, Salam scored the highest marks ever recorded for the Matriculation Examination at the Punjab University. He won a full scholarship to the Government College University of Lahore, British Punjab State. As a fourth-year student there, he published his work on Srinivasa Ramanujan's problems in mathematics. He received his master's degree from the Government College in 1946. That same year, he was awarded a scholarship to St. John's College, Cambridge University, where he completed a BA degree with Double First-Class Honours in Mathematics and Physics in 1949. In 1950, he received the Smith's Prize from Cambridge University for the most outstanding pre-doctoral contribution to Physics.
    He obtained a PhD degree in Theoretical Physics at Cambridge. His doctoral thesis contained fundamental work in Quantum Electrodynamics. By the time it was published in 1951, it had already gained him an international reputation and the Adams Prize.[

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