Can anybody stop the Miami Heat in the 2013 NBA playoffs?

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The NBA's defending champions are better than they were last year with an improved LeBron James and a team that seems to finally have an identity and flow that make them formidable.

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  1. Victor Strong

     This is an interesting question. For anyone who knows basketball and paid attention to the season that just passed it is very difficult to not consider the Heat as the run away favourites to win the 2013 NBA championship. Spearheaded by an ever improving LeBron James as well as stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh the Heat are built to win at this time of year and appear to be having a ton of fun. 

    A major factor working in the Heat's favour right now is actually health. Kobe Bryant's heartbreaking injury left the Lakers, a long shot to begin with from ever catching fire in the playoffs. The injury bug has also bitten the Oklahoma City Thunder who lost star Russell Westbrook in these playoffs. Finally, Derrick Rose whose Bulls are currently tied 1-1 with the Heat has also missed time and may not be 100%.

    Add to this the fact that the Heat are the most offensively efficient team n the league, are capable of playing multiple styles and possess incredilbe role players like Shane Battier and Ray Allen and Miami is undoubtedly the favourites to win. 

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