Can anybody tell me what was the history of the Pakistan Movement?

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Can anybody tell me what was the history of the Pakistan Movement?

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    The idea of a separate state was first introduced by Allama Iqbal in 1930. Subsequently, the name Pakistan was proposed by Choudhary Rahmat Ali in his Pakistan Declaration in 1933. However, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other leaders maintained their belief in religious unity. It was only after, the volatile political climate and emerging religious hostilities between Hindus and Muslims that gave the idea a stronger backing. 1937 election results was a major shift in indian politics. congress succeeded in 7 provinces while in four provinces congress was defeated. among the four non congress provinces The Punjab and Bengal had not only power but also had resources( both human and physical). in bengal Muslim league shared government with A.K.Fazlul haq Kirisk parja party while The Punjab was neither with congress nor with Muslim league but under unionists, a secular party working under leadership of eminent mian sir Fazl-e-Hussain. After fazl-e-hussain, sir sikindar hayat took leadership. in 1938, Punjab decided to select jinah her bargaining agent in center and did an agreement Jinah-sikandar pact. so in a period of less then 15 months, with the tremendous support of Punjab and Bengal Jinaah made historic lahore resolution. In 1940, at the occasion of its general session in Lahore, Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution (also known as Pakistan Resolution) that became the main objective of struggle for independence. Soon after World War II, United states pressurize both Britain and France to abolish colonization. Britishers tried to develop a consensus among political players in India through crisps mission and cabinet mission but due to the strictness of congress they finally devided it.. By 1947, British India was divided into a Muslim majority Pakistan and a Hindu majority India.

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