Good photography cameras in Dubai

by Guest11598  |  12 years ago

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I am in Dubai since the last one month. I have been asked by my son to bring a camera as he is so much crazy about photography. As I am quite an old chap so do not have much knowledge about photography and camera stuff. I would appreciate if anyone could guide me in finding good photography cameras for beginners available in Dubai.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Finding a good photography camera in Dubai is not a problem at all as Dubai is known to be a world of shopping within itself. Nevertheless, you need to have some knowhow for a photography camera for beginners. You may probably go onto buy an expensive one that is meant for professionals that may not be of not be appropriate for your son if he is not a professional photographer. You can find a variety of camera at City center Shopping mall or at Dubai Duty free center within price range of $400 to $800.

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