Can anyone please tell me the specs of MZ 1000S?

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Hi guys, I am wandering in search of the authentic specs for MZ model 1000 S super bike, because I am planning to purchase it very soon to satisfy my riding needs. So, I want healthy information about each and everything of MZ 1000S through its specifications before I buy it. Can you please help me get authentic specs of MZ 1000 S super bike? Your little effort can save me enough money, because after getting to know about its specs, I’ll choose one wisely for me. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Guest6005

     Well, here are the credible specifications of your desired MZ 1000S superbike, reading which will make you an expert of each of its parts:

    Specs of MZ 1000S

    Power: 999cc

    Engine Capacity: 4-stroke, Water cooled 999cc with DOHC having 8 valves – dual aligned

    Stroke and Bore: 69 and 96 millimeters respectively

    Maximum power: 114 bhp at the rate of 9,000 rings per minute

    Compression rate: 11.5:1

    Fuel mechanism: Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

    Maximum torque: 98 N-M at the rate of 7,500 rings per minute

    Clutch: Multi plate hydraulic and wet clutch

    Frame: Duplex type dual spar tube from chrome-molly stuff

    Transmission: 6 gear transmission (cassette type)

    Steering angle: 24.5°

    Suspension: 43 millimeters Marzocchi inverted telescopic suspension for front and aluminum cantilever swingarm having Sachs shocks for read wheel

    Trail: 98 meters

    Dry weight: 210 kilograms

    Wheelbase: 1430 millimeters

    Tire sizes: 120 by 70-17 for front and 180 by 55-17 for rear side

    Brakes: 2 x Nissin 320 millimeter rotors with 4-piston fixed caliper disc brake for front and 1 x Nissin 248 millimeters rotor with 2-piston fixed caliper disc brake for rear wheel

    Maximum speed: 254 kilometers per hour – tested

    Fuel capacity: 20 liters with a reserve of 5 liters

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