Tips for preventing psoriasis

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All what I know about psoriasis that it is some kind of a skin disease that causes some redness and irritation of the skin. I am very much sue that where medical science has come up with treatment for a number of indifferent diseases, curing psoriasis is not a big deal. However, as we say that prevention is better than cure so I would like to know how psoriasis could be prevented.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    This is true that psoriasis is a condition in which there is redness of the skin along with irritation. It can affect people of almost all age group and particularly those aging between 15 and 35. One good thing is that this does not spread from one person to another. So far there is not a very well known way to prevent psoriasis. The best possible prevention is to keep the skin clean and moist. The doctors also recommend regular baths for people having psoriasis. It is advised to avoid scrubbing hard, as it can irritate the skin possibly cause an attack of psoriasis. .

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