Can anyone tell me the requirements of visa application for Singapore?

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Hello guy! I was wondering if anyone could please give me authentic information on the requirements of visa application for Singapore, as I am willing to go to Singapore for my summer holidays while availing a tourist visa. Your help will add something extraordinary to my knowledge and I’ll be able to quickly plan my holidays while making arrangement for my visa to Singapore. Thanks!

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  1. Guest4936

    Well, first of all, you are required to ascertain the validity of your passport according to the present situation. It happens that almost all the travelers are expected to require identification legitimate for not less than 90 days next to their exodus designated day from Singapore. Therefore, you are highly recommended to travel always with six months validity on your identification. On the other hand, if you are a US citizen, the VisaHQ can aid you with a complete variety of expedited identification services, encompassing new identification submission and identification renewal. Secondly, you need to confirm that your identification has bare Visa pages, because many destinations, encompassing Singapore, need you to have ample un-used sheets in your identification/ Passport, permitting for any essential postage upon appearance and departure. You are therefore suggested to have not less than two free sheets in Visas part of your passport prior to any worldwide travel. Last but not the least; you are required to affirm if you need any transit visa for any associates. Wish you best of luck with this information!


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