Can drinking water make you lose weight

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Can drinking water make you lose weight

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  1. Garrett Hnatiuk

    No, The amount of water you consume has nothing to do with weight. Just eating less and working out more will make a difference in your weight.

  2. Jack Fisher

    Drinking water not only will help you lose weight but it is very good for many other things.  Your body is made up of over 70% water, yes you heard it right. Our blood has more than 80% water‚ our brain has over 75% of water (well for some over 75% air ☺)‚ and the human liver is an ocean which consists of 96% water.

    Driniking sufficient amount of water is good for:
    The kidneys
    lubricates our joints
    dehydration is lack of having enough water

    But if you just want to use water as a weight loss tool, here is how you do it.  Since your body is 75% water and the PH level in your body is 7, when you drink water it must burn calories to bring the ph level to normal.  My advice would be to drink 6 glasses of water along with 2 really ice cold bottles of water but sip it slowly. Each sip will burn calories to normalize your internal body temperature. Also sip two bottles of hot water, same olds true here also, body will burn calories to adjust your ph level.  Hope this helps.

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